You Got Served (Beat The World) Trailler!

March 31, 2011


For who dont know, in 2009 Angel B choreographed and play a characther in a north american movie!

So Here you go the trailler! Hope you all enjoy!

We are really excited for the premier!!

YOU GOT SERVED (Beat the World)

God bless you all!


  1. Thiago Rigatto March 31, 2011

    Well; nothing against, I just don’t
    like this music style, but, they dance
    a lot well, baby!!!
    I love dance, I wanto know how
    to dance just a little well.
    but, spinning on the floor,
    mortal flips on the air;
    you really FIGHT the gravity!!!
    That’s awesome!!!
    Angel, you know I like you; we
    talk some on Twitter,
    and, you ARE Lovely!!!

  2. Lady Morryn April 21, 2011

    Eu amei sua voz, espero que muito em breve possa dançar Waack & Vogue com muito orgulho em alguma de suas musicas.
    Lhe desejo, mesmo, de coração muito sucesso na vida e na carreira tanto como dançarina quanto cantora Angel B, um grande beijo e um forte abraço de alguém que também te admira…
    Lady Morryn by Jú Waacking. =^_^=

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